In Memory
Head N' Heels Meg
January 17, 1998 to September 25,
Mickey & Bettie Thibodeaux

A great cowdog that gave her all.
Our lives will be forever filled by
her love and dedication. Winner of
many awards.
In Memory
August 29, 1993 to March 16, 2002
Dwain Thompson

2001 National Champion
Dam of
Hatsoff Cap
Hatsoff Kelli
  In Memory
Sire of Hatsoff Jack

Cliff & Mary Johnson
"That'll Do, Blue."
In Memory
Rocking G Spurs
April 8, 1992 to July 25, 2005

2000 World Champion
Cattle Dog

Keith Gilleon
Mr. Spurs will be missed by
the Cattle dog World.
In Memory
June 11, 1995 to September, 2006

My loyal and faithful friend,
you will always have a special
place in my heart.

Helen Alewine
I love you Ziggy Girl.
In Memory
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Plummer

2002 National Champion Cattledog

In Memory
1997 - 2010
Kyle Estes

2004 National Champion Cattledog
"best dog to-day"
.......John Templeton
In Memory
Imp. Jim
April 2004

1995, 96, 97 Super Dog
(Best combined trial points for
sheepdog trials & cattle trials).  
British Columbia Stockdog Assoc.

Dave and Janet Ellison
Gone But Not Forgotten
We hope that we will find
The Souls that once we loved,
Who left us all behind.

Some left us at the right time,
They left this world in peace.
Others left too sudden,
Without the chance to say Goodbye.
They were gone before we had
The chance to even cry.

There's a special place for grownups,
A special place for kids;
Me...I'll be on the other side,
The side called Rainbow Bridge.
Across the dark green meadow,
A top the hills I'll run,
Where the colors from the Rainbow,
Glitter from the sun.

And there I'll find my sweetheart
Running fast toward me.
In my arms where she belongs
For all eternity.

--Jean McColgan--
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Tate's True
10/02/2000 - 7/15/2012